Haleigh Sandri Job Captain

Haleigh Sandri Job Captain

Haleigh's design seeds were sown in her childhood home built by her handyman father on 20 acres in northern Michigan. Watching as the house evolved over the years with expansions and modifications to better.. MORE>

Don Logue Project Manager

Don Logue Project Manager

Don embodies a spirit of exploration and discovery, whether in ideas regarding architectural theory or in the natural landscape. He believes in a holistic approach to design, beginning with careful analysis and continuing.. MORE>

Nicole Holt Job Captain

Nicole Holt Job Captain

Part of the Waterleaf faction from the Midwest, Nicole hails from a small town in Wisconsin along Lake Michigan. One day in high school while riding in the car, her grandmother mentioned an architect friend .. MORE>

                        Gunderson Interior Designer

Cindy Gunderson Interior Designer

Cindy is passionate about her materials and the richness of their differences and variety. Tiles, glass, wood, carpet, fabric – these are the tools of her trade and she has an encyclopedic knowledge of where.. MORE>

                        Aanderud AIA Partner

Richard Aanderud Partner Emeritus

A native Portlander, Dick became interested in architecture in the seventh grade, and later attended Benson High School where he studied architecture and building construction. While at the University of Oreg.. MORE>

Ellen 						Krusi Job Captain

Ellen Krusi, AIA Architect

To say that Ellen is a creative force is an understatement. The urge to design and create is inherent in whatever medium she can get her hands on, primarily clothing and costuming, jewelry, photography, graphic design, furniture.. MORE>

                        Simmons Architect

Brad Simmons Architect

Brad has been in architecture for over 30 years creating strong buildings and lasting relationships. His ability to listen and think on his feet, along with his honest approach and wit, create positive rapport with.. MORE>

                        Styner AIA Partner

Jon Styner, AIA, LEED AP BD+C Partner

A strong advocate for public transit infrastructure, Jon has an affinity for transit work in his blood; like many kids growing up on the Eastside of Seattle, his father worked at Boeing. During his time at Washington State.. MORE>

Karen 						Lange AIA LEED AP BD+C Architect

Karen Lange, AIA, LEED AP BD+C Associate

Growing up in New Mexico, Karen’s first vocational plans involved being a librarian since she thought they got to live the dream of reading books all day. When she realized that architects get to draw pictures all day instead, her.. MORE>

Brian 						Hjelte AIA Associate

Brian Hjelte, AIA, LEED Green Associate Associate Partner

Inspired by distilling the right balance of purpose, composition, form, and utility for a given project, Brian loves the inherent challenge architecture presents. Methodical and sensitive to the multifaceted deman.. MORE>

Sophia Garbe

Sophia Garbe Job Captain

If Sophia hadn’t fallen in love with architecture, she would have pursued archaeology, studying old Mayan temples in Mexico and simplistic stone structures in Nepal’s .. MORE>

                        Whittaker Downtown Portland

Tom Whittaker Partner Emeritus

Tom’s curiosity into knowing the way things work can be traced back to his restoration of a 1930s Ford in high school. His knack for delving into technical details has led to the management of Waterleaf’s larger.. MORE>

David 						Donaldson

David Donaldson Job Captain

David's design approach revolves around forming a relationship with the client and being a steward for their vision. He believes the best way to add value to architecture is to maximize the quality of experience in the day-to-day .. MORE>

                        Brunelle LEED AP BD+C Architect

Ryan Brunelle, LEED AP BD+C

Ryan has been telling people since the age of five that he was going to be an Architect, and when he ran into his 5th grade teacher a few years ago, she reminded him that he shared this dream with her way back whe.. MORE>

William 						Bailey AIA

William Bailey, AIA Managing Partner

Known around Waterleaf as the “code guy,” it should come as no surprise that Bill’s love of pulling things apart as a kid to understand how they worked was so great that his father had to confiscate the family’s Philips screwdri.. MORE>

Emily 						Refi Architect

Emily Refi, LEED AP Architect

Emily’s interest in architecture was sparked by a first-hand epiphany about the effect of the built environment on one’s state of being. During her early career in finance, a switch in office surroundings.. MORE>

Stephen Lapp Partner

Stephen Lapp Partner

It has been said that architecture is like frozen music. If so, Steve is our lead conductor as he orchestrates unity between site characteristics, materials, finishes, and function to result in excep.. MORE>

Adrianna Bury

Adrianna Bury Office Administrator

Having grown up in a house full of creative energy and art, it’s no surprise that, even as a young child, Adrianna found herself gravitating towards beautiful designs .. MORE>

Troy Erickson

Troy Erickson Job Captain

Born in Wisconsin and raised in Central Washington, Troy has moved around a lot—living in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands, Nevada, Wisconsin and.. MORE>

Ana Mikolavich

Ana Mikolavich Design Staff

Ana grew up in Portland’s Irvington neighborhood and was drawn to art early, influenced by her father’s work as an architect and his interest in design. She graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design as.. MORE>

Erin Mitchell

Erin Mitchell Accounting Manager

Erin grew up assisting with her family’s bookkeeping and general contractor businesses on the West Shore of Lake Tahoe. She went from filing after school to later managing several .. MORE>

Abigail Bokman

Abigail Bokman Marketing Manager

Abigail found her passion for telling stories when introduced to creative writing in the third grade. She was given a writing journal as a gift and has been carrying one around ever since. .. MORE>

Virginia Munson

Virginia Munson Job Captain

Growing up in Oregon, Virginia’s passion for architecture started in the 5th grade after her math class was assigned the project of designing a house with a budget in mind. .. MORE>


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