Haleigh Sandri

Haleigh Sandri Job Captain

Haleigh's design seeds were sown in her childhood home built by her handyman father on 20 acres in northern Michigan. Watching as the house evolved over the years with expansions and modifications to better reflect the growing family's needs, Haleigh developed an awareness of the relationship between a space and those who dwell within, as well as our power to shape that connection. She started taking drafting classes in high school and worked alongside her father to design their new home, an experience that served as another stepping stone leading her to study architecture at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Haleigh ended up in Portland by a bit of happenstance. On a three week road trip vising the western National Parks with her husband and brand new black lab puppy, Diego (who turned out to be an excellent road trip companion), Haleigh swung up to Hood River on a whim to visit a friend and caught the Pacific NW bug. Fast forward a few years and the Sandris are happily settled into their NE home with their 2 year old son, Teddy, and Diego, now turning 10 but an eternal puppy at heart.

e: haleighs@waterleaf.com