Research Labs

Oregon Health & Science University
Vollum Institute
Dept. of Dermatology
Maternal Fetal Medicine
Dept. of Otolaryngology, Hearing, Speech
Physiology & Pharmacology
Cell Biology
Dept. of Molecular Biology
Dept. of Pulmonary Medicine
+ Over 90 Projects


VIBRA Hospital
73 Bed LTACH Remodel

Bess Kaiser Hospital Remodel, Nursing & ER
Sunnyside Hospital ICU Remodel
Sunnyside Hospital Process & Supply Centers

Legacy Good Samaritan
40 Bed Nursing Facility
OB-GYN Surgery Suite Remodel
Skilled Nursing Faciliy / OB

Legacy Holladay Park
Devers Eye Institute
Medical Center Central Lab
Research Lab Design
Research Lobby

Legacy GSH Central Air Handler #5
Legacy - Lab Expansion
Santiam Memorial Hospital Planning

Medical Office Buildings

Gateway Medical
Office Building Remodel
Veteran's Administration TI
Sports Medicine

Beaverton Medical Remodel PCU
Beaverton Radiology Remodel
Cytogenetic Lab, Sunnyside Campus
Family Care Area Pharmacies - 6 Locations
Health Appraisal Center
Health Center East - 1st Floor Lab Remodel
Health Center East - 4th Floor Remodel
Health Center West Remodel - Fracture Clinic
Health Research Building
Medical Lab, Vancouver
Mount Scott - Radiology Remodel
North Interstate Services Building
Pharmacy, Vancouver (PCAP)

Kaiser Permanente
Lancaster Medical Office Remodel

Oregon Clinic
2nd Floor
Ambulatory Surgery Center

Providence Medical
Evergreen Prosthetics
Dr. Howell Offices

Willamette ENT Remodel & Expansion
Oregon Orthopedic Clinic
Oregon Medical Labs, Portland & Hillsboro
North Shore Physical Therapy Clinic
Mt. Hood Medical Plaza II
Medical Assurance Planning TI
Clackamas County Oncology Offices

Dental Office Buildings

Cedar Brook Professional Building
Columbia Dental (11 Projects in WA/ID)
Denkor (3 Dental Projects)
Denkor Corporate & Admin Offices
Kaiser North Interstate Bldg - Dental Lab
Kaiser Permanente (11 Dental Offices)
Lawrence & Scheffel Dental Offices
Willamette Dental (18 Dental Offices

Animal Care

Gresham Animal Hospital
Guide Dogs for the Blind
OSU Dryden Hall Veterinary Master Plan
OHSU BRB Transgenic Core
OHSU BRB Cardiology Imaging
OHSU MRB Anesthesiology & Perioperative