Our modern times allow us to create spaces to be away from natural light.  Over time, technology invades our world, pushing out old ways and forcing us to adapt. What if there was a space to ponder the intersection of time and light? What is time? How is it defined by light?  How does our use of natural and artificial light change our perception of time?
From afar, you see a wooden structure is illuminated in waves of old-fashioned incandescent light: flickering, inviting, and warm. As you approach the structure, you notice that the interior beckons with an odd new light, bright and blue. Enter a surreal room with a strange portal and notice how you feel.  Take a look through the infinity windows to view new dimensions in time and space. Ask yourself, “where are we?” and “how did we get here?”

This unique room with a view is designed for all to get a glimpse of, walk through, or peer deep into a new dimension that cuts though our daily lives, revealing infinite potential. Become a time traveler as you imagine the possibilities of progress........

We recognize the PWLF as a vibrant community of artists and designers coming together to design something bright and wonderful for everyone to explore during this dark time of year. This project allowed us to collaborate with our partners in a different way (special thanks to Schommer and Sons and HL Stearns).

The Portal of Portland was an opportunity to design a simple architectural gesture where we can experiment with light and space. We were energized by the questions of exploring light and how it weaves into our daily lives. Interacting with our community in this temporary and unique way stands in contrast to our work designing large complex structures. It allows us a chance to create an atmosphere for all to move through, take in, pause, and enjoy where they are.

Image credit: Brooke Hoyer