Waterleaf's second contribution to the annual Portland Winter Light Festival was an experiment in illusion with a lot of lightbulbs and black paint in order to create a series of illuminated arches shine like beacons in the night. The arches suggest a direction of movement, forward. Each arch a measurement of the passage of space and time, within this arcade exists an entire universe. Step inside and be surrounded by many tiny stars, beyond the earth. Suddenly the stars are moving, or are you moving? At the speed of light you fly through the universe forward to the future and new worlds.

This installation was efficiently built with thin plywood and lumber arches supporting a tunnel. The tunnel is designed to accommodate wheelchair and stroller traffic, as well as large groups.

The structure was strong against wind and sloped to shed rainwater and snow. The array of LED lights visible from the interior of the tunnel were programmed for two settings, “starlight” twinkling and “warp speed”.

image by Timothy Niou

image by Remaining Light Photography