The COVID-19 pandemic feels like a surprise round of musical chairs. When the music stopped we sheltered in place, sitting in the seat that was available. Here we are now, taking stock of what’s around us, searching for tools to navigate this new era. What will tomorrow bring?
We don’t want to be in the same position with climate change. For the moment, the world has slowed down. The skies are clearer, the air is fresher and being outside to breathe that fresh air helps to visualize a cleaner future.  When we reach the other side of this pandemic together we will still be on the same planet, together.
Preparing for a healthy future means having the right tools and being prepared with a plan. Our goal for climate action is to take steps towards alleviating climate emergencies that could result in people becoming houseless or economically distressed. By giving our attention to what we have around us now and how we can improve the way we approach the built environment, we can inform decisions that will ensure a healthy future for the next generations.

Visit our Sustainability Action Plan to see how we are planning for a healthy future.