Karen Lange - Associate Partner, Architect

Karen Lange, AIA, LEED AP BD+C

Associate Partner, Architect

Growing up in New Mexico, Karen wanted to be a librarian since they seemed to read books all day. When she realized that architects draw all day (only sort of true), her career trajectory was set, and she enjoys how architecture combines both the creative and practical sides of her personality. Time spent living in Rome and New York City sparked an interest in architectural history and how urban areas develop over time.

Approaching design with a focus on sustainability as appropriate for each project, Karen leads our in-house sustainability group which develops project tools and staff education. She cares deeply about her role of stewardship in fostering healthy communities and is a leader for Waterleaf's B Corporation certification and is an active volunteer with Architects in Schools. 

Karen is a recipient of the DJC's 2018 Women of Vision Award.