The Washington County Commuter Rail, TriMet’s Westside Express Service (WES), offers a 14.7-mile alignment to serve four cities along heavily traveled Interstate 5 and Highway 217 with connection to TriMet’s MAX light rail station in Beaverton. The 15,650 square foot maintenance facility is located adjacent to the Wilsonville commuter rail station and incorporates functions related to maintenance of the diesel multiple unit (DMU) vehicles used on the alignment, as well as WCCR operations.

The maintenance building was designed not only to meet functional requirements but to engage the interest of rail passengers traveling to and from the adjacent station platform. Large scale windows are strategically located to provide views into the maintenance facility, and also to provide ample daylight into the maintenance bay. Exterior screening elements at the largest windows give the building added visual interest while reducing glare and heat.

Program: Transit Facility

Partners: PAE Engineers