The operator’s break building at the SMART Wilsonville Transit Center provides a welcome retreat for bus operators and a warm presence in an otherwise hardscape surrounding. The building houses a kitchenette, a lounge, and private restroom facilities for the drivers, with separate restrooms for the public.

Nestled between a railroad and two public easements, the building is carefully designed to get the maximum use out of the small space available. The building becomes a natural focal point of the transit plaza with its strategic location and the contrast between its beautifully stained cedar and the surrounding concrete and asphalt. Designed in a modular fashion, the building reflects the precision of the systems and machines that are part of the transit facility. The building uses renewable wood, low-flow plumbing fixtures, high efficiency lighting and mechanical equipment, and all occupied spaces are filled with natural light. All of the roof’s rainwater run-off is managed on-site, flowing from the roof through an open channel and ending in a infiltration planter.

Program: Transit Facility, Station Design

Partners: TM Rippey Consulting EngineersLango Hansen Landscape Architecture