Built in 1906, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is a historic church in Portland’s Alphabet District. The congregation asked Waterleaf to help achieve their goal of opening up a prominent point of access to the cathedral for people of all abilities. The solution required modifications to the entry steps leading from the primary sidewalk to the courtyard entries of the cathedral. The design seamlessly integrates an accessible ramp into the original basalt stone walls. The start and end points are designed to be in the same proximity for both the accessible and staircase paths promoting the principles of Universal Design and allowing people of all abilities to join together in a direct and inclusive manner. Additionally, a ramp was added and stairs reconfigured to the arcade at the west end of the courtyard for access to the cathedral, church office and Kempton Hall.

Program: Historic Renovation; universal design

Award: Restore Oregon's 2017 DeMuro Award for Excellence in Preservation, Reuse, and Community Revitalization.