Waterleaf's contribution to the 2021 Portland Winter Light [non]Festival is titled Shine Through. It is our vision of this year's theme: "A Brighter Future".  
We are all looking for and forward to a brighter future. On our path, we experience times of sunshine and rain, gentle breezes and hurricanes. We can look to each other to find shelter, comfort, and even joy amidst the storms. We remind ourselves that the weather is always changing, that tomorrow is a new day.  We will emerge from our collective umbrella to take another step forward, renewed.

Our goals for our design this year was to minimize purchasing any new materials and focus on reused and repurposed supplies and while working and coordinating safely and separately. The opportunity to create a window display meant that we could work with materials such as cardboard that would otherwise be challenging if exposed to the winter weather.  Over 90% of the elements in Shine Through are repurposed from past festival installations or recycled from our office. Can you find the tubes from rolls of plotter paper?  How about leftover vellum from drawing sets? 
Come experience Shine Through at the 620 Building at 620 SW Alder in downtown Portland.  Then take some time to explore other installations in the area and appreciate all that our wonderful local artists have to offer!  The festival is February 5th, 6th, 12th & 13th. Shine on Portland! 

Map available here at https://www.pdxwlf.com/

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art installation
Portland Winter Light Festival set up inside the 620 building
cardboard tubes used as clouds