2022 marks Waterleaf’s 5th year participating in the Portland Winter Light Festival. This year’s festival theme “Within the Ecosystem” inspired us to create Biosphere X: a fanciful alien ecosystem. Separated by glass for safe observation, viewers will discover diverse flora and fauna from the universe of the imagination.

We utilized found objects and re-purposed materials to create the majority of our display, minimizing waste and purchasing almost nothing new in the process. The creative undertaking of crafting organic, otherworldly life was a fun departure for our team of architects and designers. We hope you enjoy the colorful ecosystem we’ve created.

Come experience Biosphere X at 419 SW 11th Ave (in the alcove to the left of the main entrance).  Then take some time to explore the many art installations and activities occurring throughout the Portland metro area.  The festival runs February 4th through the 12th, 2022.  

Map available here: https://www.pdxwlf.com/

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biosphere x
base on an alien world
an interstellar explorer makes a friend
exploring an alien world